Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aug 1 -Shift the Ape

This is a few days old from a project I'm working on for my boyfriend. He asked me to do a piece from one of my absolute favorite series of books, the Chronicles of Narnia. I'm happy to do a piece for him anyway but that just makes it better. He wanted a scene from The Last Battle with Shift the Ape. At one point in the story the Telmarines capture a couple of the main characters and bring them to Shift who is impersonating Aslan and sitting in front of a shack. He's a smarmy little bugger. Funny thing is, whenever I read this part of the book I get the same image in my head as my boyfriend did when he listened to it.

Anyway, this is just the value study. I'm still working on the completed piece.

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